Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the best website design and web site application development for any company?

 Depends on whether you need a product site or service oriented site and also your budget.

2.Should I ever invest into a website design and development? Can I not go for free sites?

 The word invest is the best and only appropriate word here. It's best to make an investment to have a functional and sharp looking site. I'd leave it to a professional to give me a functional, sharp looking and SEO friendly site. Small businesses with poor looking websites are all too common. Dare to make the investment and you'll be thankful and happy you did.

3.Is SEO necessary for my website?

 YES! SEO is an absolute necessity for your site. It's always best to think about search engine optimization and build a site that's SEO friendly. This includes careful consideration of keywords that visitors use to type into the information on your site, limiting the amount of Flash on your site, naming URL's properly, and keeping outbound links in check and within the limits. SEO should be high on your priority list, just like website design and website development.

4.How important is the domain name?

 Picking the apt domain name is important and careful attention should be given when it comes to choosing one. Spend enough time to research your domain name. Getting a domain that's relative to the business, short, easy to spell and memorable is very important.

5.Is SEO content a necessity?

 YES! SEO Content is an absolute necessity for your website. You'll have to have good content before you make a site live. It's good to have the right and unique content right from the beginning Depending on your business this may include: Company profile, Company history, photos, a mission statement, customer testimonials, video, and a blog. Make sure you're satisfied with your logo, and that your brand message is clear, and that you have information on what your customers are looking for.

Client Words

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